SEAMLEXITY was established in 2016 to undertake the digital management of Complex Geometry Projects through comprehensive Parametric CAD and BIM Modelling. Using advanced computational tools, SEAMLEXITY provides support to designers, fabricators and building contractors from concept to realization aiming at de-skilling challenging design, construction and digital fabrication tasks. The company’s creative portfolio and engagement ranges from large scale high rise buildings to small scale product design assignments such as jewelry and sculptures. SEAMLEXITY’S bespoke digital systems aim at addressing and managing geometrically complex tasks by reducing construction/fabrication costs while ensuring the project’s quality and aesthetic intent.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) 


SEAMLEXITY undertakes the development and coordination of Information Models (BIM) dedicated for Construction. Our processes involve custom build methods, enabling the administration of challenging Building envelopes and their integrated systems while interacting with Design teams, Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors through advanced interoperability platforms.

Design for Digital Fabrication


Our team is working closely with designers to re-build, Optimise and furnish information packages for Digital Fabrication (CAD/CAM). Our portfolio includes projects developed with CNC machines, Robotic Arms, Laser Cutting, Sheet forming and 3D Printing while experimenting with a large range of materials.

VR & UAV Documentation


Our team is utilizing high-end digital tools to capture fast and accurate survey models of existing structures, buildings or spaces, while being capable of transforming these in editable 3D models and Virtual Worlds

About Us

Michail is an architect and an assistant professor at the Department of Architecture [ARC] of the University of Nicosia in the field of Computational Design and Fabrication. He holds a MSc in Adaptive Architecture and Computation from the Barlett and a MArch from NTUA where he is currently pursuing his PhD. His current research focuses in applying computational tools in assisting and enriching design and construction processes. Before moving on to realize his own professional collaborations and projects Michalis has worked with Foster + Partners in London, as a design architect and design analyst, member of the Specialist’s Modeling Group. He is a registered Architect in ARB/UK and ETEK/Cyprus. Michail is a founding member and director at SEAMLEXITY.

Odysseas is a computational design engineer and an adjunct faculty at the [ARC] University of Nicosia. He has graduated from the School of Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens.  After his studies he joined Buro Happold to work as a structural engineer. During practice he developed a special interest in complex architectural forms and their integration with structure, which he investigated through a series of projects . He then joined the  Digital Architectonics program at the University of Bath from where he acquired his MPhil in computational geometry & structural optimisation . He is currently researching interactive approaches to structural design and reinventing forms based on their structural performance. Odysseas is a founding member and director at SEAMLEXITY.

Stavros has received his undergraduate degree in Architecture in 2012 and his Professional Diploma in Architecture (honours) in 2013, both from the Department of Architecture [ARC] of University of Nicosia. Between 2010 and 2013 Stavros worked as a teaching assistant and fabrication laboratory manager at the University of Nicosia while also working at several architectural practices in Cyprus. After graduating he worked for ZSArchitects in Cyprus, before moving to OMA in New York where he has worked as an architectural designer and a fabrication/model-shop manager. Before moving to Cyprus he worked for Powerhouse Company at Rotterdam, as a BIM manager and project leader part of the design team developing multiple winning competitions and pitches for high-rise complexes.  Stavros is a registered Architect in ETEK/Cyprus. He has a strong academic background and international experience in computational design, Building Information Modelling and digital fabrication which he is currently applying as a digital designer at SEAMLEXITY.

Andreas has received his BSc and Professional Diploma in Architecture  (honours) from the Department of Architecture [ARC] of University of Nicosia in 2017. He also holds a BSc in Renovation and Restoration of Buildings from the Technical University of Patras in Greece. He has worked for Luca Moretto Architecture Office in Turin as an intern and in several architecture offices in Cyprus. He has participated in international competitions while he was recently awarded with the European Architectural Medal for Best Diploma Project 2017 (1st prize). Andreas has a strong academic background and interest in computational design and Building Information Modelling and he is currently working as a digital designer at SEAMLEXITY.

Christina studied at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette USA, before continuing her studies at the University of Nicosia, in the Department of Architecture ARC, Cyprus where she received her Professional Diploma in Architecture in 2018. She has a strong interest in Computational Design and Digital Fabrication, and she has been working as a Fabrication Assistant at the University of Nicosia since 2017. She was actively involved in the design, fabrication, and construction of several award winning international research Pavilions. Her diploma thesis focused on deployable, adaptable digitally fabricated structures, whereas her thesis project focused on the role of pavilions in Architecture. Christina is a registered Architect at ETEK/Cyprus and she is currently working as an architectural assistant in Limassol and a fabrication assistant in the MSc Course in Computational Design and Digital Fabrication, at the University of Nicosia.


Contact Us

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